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How it works

1. Scheduling a delivery. You can place your order with us anytime, but not later than:

3 days before the delivery on weekends and 2 days on weekdays (July, 1 – August,31);

2 days before the delivery (May, 1 – June, 30 and September, 1 – September, 30); 

1 day before the delivery (October, 1 – April, 30).

Please be aware that some days might be blocked off on the calendar due to the high demand on Saturdays and Sundays during the peak season (July and August). In such case, an announcement will be posted at the top of the main page.

2. Account. You can choose to shop as a guest or set up an account. Setting up an account will allow you to save your grocery list and manage it later on. Important: once your order is placed, you cannot edit it. Please, do not submit your order unless you are certain that your order is complete and accurate. Any previous order can only be used as a reference for future orders. It cannot be automatically duplicated and placed back in the cart.

3. Checkout. After all items are added from the Grocery List to the Cart, fill out the Checkout form. It will require your personal information (name, e-mail, and phone number) as well as delivery date, time, and address. If it is a vacation rental property, please provide the property name and ID number. Please read and accept Terms and Conditions before you place your order.

4. Confirmation. After submitting all the information, you will receive a confirmation email (usually within 5 minutes) with the copy of your order.  Please make sure to review your order immediately and email us any changes that need to be made as soon as possible!

If you have not received a confirmation email, check your junk/spam folder first and then email or give us a call to check on the status of your order. For all existing orders: make sure you know the order number while contacting us with any questions or changes (your order number can be found in the confirmation email).

5. Payment. You can choose to pay for your order ahead of a time (credit card, bank draft, or check) or at the time of delivery (check, or cash). If you want to pre-pay with a check please mail it out at least 5 days prior to delivery date. Please take a picture of the check and email it to us or just let us know that the check has been mailed.  If you choose to pay with a credit card or bank draft, an email with a link to pay will be sent within 24 hours after your order is placed. Your balance must be paid in full at least 24 hours before the delivery for all in-season orders, except for the weekend orders (May, 1 – September, 30), which have to be paid for 48 hours before the delivery.

We accept cash, checks, bank transfer, and all major credit cards (Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express). Please be aware that 3% non-refundable credit card fee will apply for any credit card payment and 1% non-refundable bank draft fee will apply for a bank transfer payment. There is an extra $100 charge for 4-wheel drive area deliveryWe require 50% deposit for any order over $500 in total (before taxes and fees). If you are a vacation renter, you can request to have your groceries pre-stocked for you in the house prior to your arrival (limited availability). Be aware of an extra $30.00 pre-stock fee applied to your order. Last but not least: Tips for the driver are not included in the total bill and are optional. There is no set amount or percentage required. It is entirely up to the customer’s discretion to decide on the amount of the tip.

6. Shopping. Most of our shopping is done in Food Lion stores. However, a part of your order may be purchased from Publix, Harris Teeter, or Walmart (in case some key items can’t be found in Food Lion and these stores are in close proximity from a delivery person’s route).  

All perishable items are checked out on the day of delivery. Deli meats and cheeses: due to a high volume, a store requires us to place our deli order a day before the checkout. Therefore, most of the deli meats/cheeses are being sliced the night before and are kept in the fridge until ready to be checked out. For that reason, “sell by” date on deli meats/cheeses might have the date of delivery or a day before.

Non-perishable items could be purchased up to 3 days in advance and stored at our storage facility.

7. Substitutions. At the checkout form you will be asked if you allow substitutions on your order or not. We encourage you to allow substitutions, so you will not end up without an essential item(s) on your arrival day. We will do our best to find the most compatible item in replacement of the requested product. 

Examples of substitutions:

Chobani Greek Vanilla Yogurt -> Oikos Greek Vanilla Yogurt

Organic Bread (Dave’s Bread) power seed -> Organic Bread (Dave’s Bread) good seed

Gluten Free Brown Rice Pasta penne -> Gluten Free Brown Rice Pasta shells

Gala Apples 3lb bag –> Fuji Apples 3lb bag

We DO NOT substitute cherries for grapes, gluten-free for gluten containing product, pork for beef, etc. All our substitutions are reasonable and are in the same price range and quantities. Note: you won’t be charged or refunded for any substitutions. If a substitution is not possible, we will issue a refund.

When you choose ”absolutely no substitutions”, we will still try to give you a call if some of your items are not available. If there is no answer, you will get a refund (including taxes and fees) for all items that were not available at the time of purchase. 

8. Delivery. We will do our best to deliver your order at the requested delivery time. If your order is not delivered within the desired delivery timeframe, you will be eligible for 20% discount on the service charge. When a delivery person brings your order, he/she will take the bags to the front door and let you know your order is there. If you need help with taking groceries upstairs to the kitchen, the driver would be able to do that per your request.

You have to be at the house for a driver to collect the payment in case you order is not pre-paid! Please give us a call if you are not able to be at the house at the delivery time. We will work with you and arrange the delivery for a later time.

If you ordered a pre-stock delivery, please refer to our pre-stock process description here

9. Acceptance. You will have one hour to check your order once the order is received. If you find out that something is missing, damaged, expired, or not from your order, please let us know within one hour of the delivery. No complaints will be accepted with more than 1-hour lapse in time.

In case your order was delivered prior to your arrival to the property, please make sure to check the order on the same day and either give us a call or send an email describing an issue, if there is one. You have until 9pm on the delivery day to make a complaint. No complaints will be accepted at any point after that time! No exceptions!

10. Refund. A refund to your original method of payment will be issued in case some items were not available during the purchase. Your refund will be processed within 3 days after the delivery. For credit card and bank draft payments: money will be deposited back into the account within 3-5 business days, once the refund is processed. For check payments: a refund will be mailed to the address listed on your original check.

Reminder: we do not deliver alcohol, tobacco products, and ice.

Whether you choose to use our service or not, Delivery Genie wishes you to enjoy every moment of your summer vacation in the beautiful Outer Banks!!!

Thank you for your time and interest!


Delivery Genie

Outer Banks, NC