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Pre-stock ($30 flat fee for any size order) is a delivery option when a customer’s presence is not required, and the order is delivered prior to the check-in time. A delivery person brings the order to the kitchen. All refrigerated items are stocked inside the fridge and freezer. Non-perishable items are left (in the bags) on the kitchen counter. Cases of water and packs of soft drinks are left by the entry door inside the house. 

If a customer is allowed to access the rental property prior to their check-in time, we still charge for the pre-stock, as long as the delivery person arrives before the check-in time. The delivery person may also ask the tenants to clear the stairs/elevator/kitchen area at the time of delivery.  The customer can request to leave the groceries outside the entry door for a contactless delivery. 

We work with all major rental companies, so we should be able to get access to any rental property for a pre-stock delivery. However, if a property is rented through Airbnb, VRBO, or directly from the owner, we will need the access code/key for the house provided by a renter or a homeowner. We would still recommend you to contact your rental company and let them know that you expect the grocery delivery.

Real estate companies with a pre-stock option available: Atlantic Realty, Beach Realty (Kitty Hawk Rentals), Brindley Beach, Carolina Shores, Carolina Designs, Corolla Classic Vacations, Joe Lamb, Kees Vacations, Outer Banks Blue, Resort Realty, Seaside Realty, Shoreline OBX, Southern Shores Realty, Stan White Realty, Sun Realty, Twiddy, Vacasa, Village Realty.

Unfortunately, a pre-stock option is not available for First Flight Rentals, Ships Watch Resort, and Paramount Destinations customers.

Pre-stock fee would be refunded, if the groceries were delivered after the check-in time.

Airbnb/VRBO: We do not offer pre-stock option for AirBnB/VRBO customers, if an access to the property has any time restrictions between check-out and check-in time.